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We've been on TV and in the press a number of times:

2000...      We are currently preparing the rest of our archive for web publishing
2000...      Reports for the years 2000-2005 will appear here in due course. See What's New for updates.
1999 Jun - SUN Sandbanks ferry ad
1999 Jun - SUN & CCBN (BN) on BBC2 Newsnight
1999 May - Meridian TV recalculate National Trust cut nudist area by 99.7%
1998 Nov - TV documentary - 'Acting Natural'
1998 Aug - TV documentary - 'Full Frontal in Flip-Flops'
1998 Jun - University Video Project - 'A Natural Affair'
1998 Mar - 'Nudists Face Court Action' press article littered with inaccuracies
1997 Jun - Bournemouth Daily Echo - 'The Big Debate' - SUN & NT state their case

Re-visit in December 2005 for SUN Video Clips
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Nudist volunteers required for filming

We are frequently asked for nudist volunteers to take part in filming for television and commercial programmes, university student projects and also as artists' models.

If you are interested in taking part in these activities (often at fairly short notice) and would like SUN to provide your contact details to bona fide enquirers please send us:

  • a brief description (age, gender, physical attributes)
  • a photo (if possible)
  • a paragraph or two about your nudist lifestyle
  • your name, email and telephone number