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Alternative Paths to Heather Walk

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Three Major Issues
Twenty three years of harassment
Heather Walk exposed
Nudist & Police relations
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SUN believe that Heather Walk was a blatant attack against traditional nudist freedom and  designed to draw prudish visitors into an area where they would find cause to complain


The Shoreline is easier and faster than Heather Walk

The best route to take to cover the land between Studland Bay and Shell Bay is to follow the shoreline along the nudist beach.

You'll appreciate the breeze on a hot day and the sand is harder underfoot which makes walking much easier.

Routes that avoid nudists entirely

Statistics show that only a very small number of individuals are offended by bare flesh but for members of the public who wish to avoid nudists entirely paths exist parallel to Ferry Road. This route, which provides spectacular views of Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island, is ignored in published information for visitors.