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2005 - SUN's proposed solutions

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Twenty three years of harassment
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Nudist & Police relations
SUN's proposed solutions


Moving forward with the Trust

Moving forward with Dorset Police

Much work has been done discussing sensible solutions for Studland...

It's time to make progress!


Moving forward with the Trust

Since 1995 SUN has insisted the National Trust reinstate the original area of land available to naturists that Ralph Bankes left in his Will, and in April 2005 they made their first step in this direction and offered to double the size of the official nudist zone - no strings attached!

Since that time the NT offer has shrunk, their resolve seems weaker and more demands have been made of SUN. It is still not difficult to perceive that in the minds the National Trust nudist equals sex offender, as they seem entrenched in the view that increasing the official nudist zone will lead to an increase in crime.

It’s a misconception that attempting to keep law abiding nudists in a ‘zone’ reduces problems. In fact, it does the opposite as we now have a situation where some nudists feel the area beyond the front ridge of dunes is left only for those with other motives.

Harassing and zoning nudists is the WRONG way to manage the beach and take Studland into the future and the day genuine nudists are encouraged to reclaim their long established freedom will be the day overt displays of sexual activity will disappear and the beach can begin again to police itself.

To assist the National Trust, since April 2005 SUN has done everything asked of us to address concerns about crime. The board of SUN has even endorsed the use of its resources on future co-operative initiatives. We now need to see some equally positive moves from the National Trust.

The next steps...

A phased plan towards the restoration of the traditional nudist is under construction and there's optimism that positive movement can be made on the following issues:

STOP promoting Heather Walk

For the benefit and safety of everyone the National Trust must STOP promoting this path of uncertainty.

Visitors reading the new SBUAG leaflet are now informed that nudists are visible from many parts of the central area of the peninsula but Heather Walk is still promoted in other leaflets, and no signs exist to warn sensitive walkers nudists will be seen on route.

We continue to call upon the NT to address this issue which which has been the cause of unnecessary complaints and friction for far too long.

Sensible Signage and information

To remove complaints from people offended by nudism, honest and sensible signage must be introduced - there is no way visitors to the central part of the peninsula can avoid seeing nudists and this must be stated in leaflets and on beach signs.

Honest text in a 2005 SBUAG leaflet informs now visitors of this fact but this must be backed up in signage on the ground. The location and wording for new signs is currently under discussion in an SBUAG sub-group where it is appreciated that well chosen words can have a dramatic impact on reducing complaints and bad feeling at Studland.

SUN are optimistic that honest information will continue to be published into the future.

If the Trust had the concerns of all visitors at heart and realised that witnessing sexual activity may ruin a visitor's day they would NOT send them along Heather Walk, where they may witness sexual activity. Naive visitors should be guided along safer routes.

Remove the 'Nudist Zone' posts

SUN Groups position is and always has been that the posts must go, but the NT still insist in including variations in their location, size, colour and material in their plans.

Recently the Trust indicated the official zone will be doubled and the number of posts will be reduced and it is unwise for us not be be involved in these discussions.

SUN say :

 STOP perpetuating the myth that 'Nudist = Sex Offender'

STOP promoting Heather Walk

STOP restricting the nudist majority due to a sexual minority

START publishing honest information to visitors


Moving forward with Dorset Police

A trusting and respectful relationship between nudists and police would benefit Studland and since early 2005 SUN and the police have discussed new ways of working together to solve problems that affect us all. These talks are ongoing.

The value of rebuilding good community relations is not underestimated and many are working hard to secure a resolution on the issues that cause problems.

Nudists at Studland should be able to relax in the knowledge that police are only interested in attending to real crime, and that if they encounter an officer they will be greeted with a friendly 'Hello'. When a Police presence at Studland is appreciated we will have a very solid foundation to underpin the future of our campaign.

SUN would like to continue its involvement in joint efforts to make Studland a safe environment for all visitors but have made clear to authorities that respect for traditional and legal rights is vital if we are to carry the support of our membership.

Crime Reduction Initiatives

The publishing of the SBUAG leaflet is one example of a ‘joint’ effort that exists for all to see but our efforts in the last three months have gone beyond that.

Ideas addressing alternate ways to fight crime and create a safe and welcoming Studland for everybody have been drafted and are currently being discussed at SBUAG sub-group level. SUN has many resources to put behind successful negotiations.

Police considering benefits of good nudist relations

The issue of how law abiding nudists in the traditional nudist area are to be treated in the future was discussed with police on 16th June 2005.

Amongst the four police officers present at the meeting opinion was divided with some realising law abiding nudists are not breaking any laws and others clutching at the straws of laws they could use to try to insist nudists are restrained within the NT zone. When this line of legal debate ran into the buffers the following points were made by SUN:

  • Many long term regular traditional nudists at Studland are law abiding local tax payers sensitive to protecting their freedoms within the beautiful community in which they live.

  • They are aware of their legal and civil rights and see it as no business of the police to enforce NT management decisions.

  • Many have lived long lives and had no brush whatsoever with the police.

  • Harassing nudists alienates the beach community.

  • Many of these nudists form the backbone of the nudist beach community - if the public are ‘the eyes and ears of the police’ our community is effectively ‘Radio Studland’. This valuable resource has been ignored.

  • Many law abiding nudists have been harassed to the point they now feel, for the first time in their lives, alienated from authorities.

  • Treating traditional law abiding nudists with respect is key to restoring good nudist relations and succeeding in our agenda to work together to reduce complaints.

Nudist statements help police in national campaign

The value of nudist statements about sexual activity has not been unappreciated by the Police who immediately launched a publicity campaign to maximise the usefulness of our statements.

Publicity for Operation Coast was achieved in The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sun, Local press, The BBC website and more. Even Radio 4 did a piece on nudist beaches that day!

SUN are delighted with the success of this campaign which we co-operated in because we expect to be moving into a new era of mutual respect and co-operation. Time will tell how truly our co-operation is valued as we monitor how future police patrols treat law abiding nudists on the ground!

Nudist Community Acknowledged by Chief Inspector

It was exceedingly encouraging to read the views expressed on 22/07/05 by Chief Inspector Nick Maton in the Guardian when he recognised that Studland nudist beach has its own community and expressed his forward thinking concerns about the next generation of nudists.

SUN shares concerns about the future of Studland and asks officers who continue to give instructions for interventionist policing to consider the damage their action does to future community relations.

SUN say :

Relationships can be rebuilt if police:

RESPECT the fact that nudists in the traditional area

STOP harassing law abiding nudists

ENSURE officers who patrol Studland do not damage nudist goodwill

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