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Heather Walk exposed

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Heather Walk exposed
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SUN believe that Heather Walk was a blatant attack against traditional nudist freedom and  designed to draw prudish visitors into an area where they would find cause to complain


Here we expose Heather Walk as a complete red herring designed and created as part of a 1995 National Trust policy to actively encourage the complaints they use to justify the restriction and harassment of nudists and to damage the respectability of naturism.

Heather Walk Map  Studland United Nudists

In May 1995 the National Trust introduced a new dune path right through the middle of the traditional nudist area. Nauseatingly named 'Heather Walk' this unnecessary path was promoted to visitors who wished to avoid the nudist area.

What the National Trust DON'T tell you...

You will see nudists

You will see nudists from Heather Walk  Studland United Nudists


Heather Walk Map  Studland United Nudists


Heather Walk is only yards from the restricted nudist area  Studland United Nudists

View from Heather Walk - You clearly see nudists!


Green = Traditional nudist area
Yellow = Heather Walk
Red = National trust restricted zone


Heather Walk only yards from restricted nudist area

For much of Heather Walk's length the path runs little more than twenty yards from the restricted nudist zone. No route can be given to visitors to the central part of the peninsula that avoids nudists... far from it, visitors are bound to see nudists in the traditional area. SUN say the National Trust should:

  • STOP claiming Heather walk is suitable for visitors who wish to avoid nudists.

  • START providing honest information to visitors who may prefer to avoid nudists entirely (alternate paths are available).

  • INTRODUCE signage that advises visitors to the central part of the peninsula that they will see nudists.

You may see sexual activity

It's well known to the National Trust and the Police that some people engage in overt sexual activity at Studland and that the route chosen for Heather Walk passes closely by areas where this is known to occur. Misdirecting visitors down a path of uncertainty designed to trigger complaints is a misuse of visitor trust. SUN Say the National Trust should:

  • STOP promoting a path they KNOW may exposes unsuspecting visitors to overt sexual activity;

  • STOP using unknowing members of the general public as tools to generate complaints;

The sincerity of the Trust's claim to "ensure all visitors enjoy their visit" can be questioned while promotion of Heather Walk continues.

It's not a pleasant walk!

The first half of Heather Walk runs along a low dip behind the first and second ridge of dunes. On a hot day temperatures are stifling and there's rarely a breeze. After years of pounding by National Trust Quad Bikes the path is now a wide track of soft sand which is hard work on the legs and the lungs. An easier route - especially if you are clothed and carrying bags - is along the hard sand at the water's edge where there's a breeze. SUN say:

  • Of all the routes you could choose to cover this land, the first part of Heather Walk is undoubtedly the WORST choice - alternative routes are better!

SUN say :

 The National Trust must STOP directing unsuspecting visitors down a path KNOWN to expose them to crime

Complaints generated along Heather Walk must not be used to restrict nudists

Generating unnecessary complaints diverts limited police resources

All promotion of Heather Walk must STOP!

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